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people pc dialer and toolbar uninstalling and removal guide

Learn how to uninstall peoplepc dialer and toolbar in our remove people pc removal and uninstalling guide.

How to Uninstall and Safely Remove PeoplePC ToolBar Spyware?

In this series of our getting rid of Spyware and Adware articles, you shall learn about how to successfully remove the PeoplePC Spyware and successfully get rid of it from your system.

Uninstall peoplepc Introduction

PeoplePC is an ISP who provide a dialer software for connecting to their servers. Along with the dialer they also install a toolbar which is a Browser Helper Object and can be a spyware. What is PeoplePC and what exactly does it do? PeoplePC provides a dialer for connecting to their ISP service. Upon installation that dialer software also injects a toolbar BHO into the users machine. Users cannot setup a dial up networking connection for the first time without loading the PeoplePC dialer as they actual username and password is sent by the dialer on first registration.

With peoplePC there is no way to set up a DUN connection right away. Say you set up a account with peoplePC and chose ouroffice for the username, and oursecretpassword for the password The actual username and password to log into the pops would be something like this. peoplepc.com#ouroffice@peoplepc.com KHEJFH8574JGKLEJ86KGJD856937

Hence it is impossible to bypass the dialer and connect to PeoplePC. Once you get your PeoplePC username and password, you can easily bypass the PeoplePC dialer and connect to their servers using a normal windows dial up networking connection.


How to easily delete and remove PeoplePC dialer and toolbar and get rid of it for free?

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How to manually remove PeoplePC dialer and toolbar from your system

* WARNING: Modifying your registry or system files can render your system unusable in case of any error.

  • Uninstall Peoplepc step 1: The PeoplePC toolbar is implemented as a BHO so first close all running instances of Internet Explorer.
  • Uninstall Peoplepc step 2:Open the registry key Key_Local_Machine/Software/Microsoft/Windows/ CurrentVersion/Explorer/Browser Helper Objects
  • Uninstall Peoplepc step 3:Delete the key {3DE88907-3E38-11D4-BEB2-CBE76C0598DD}
  • Uninstall Peoplepc step 4: Restart the computer.

Congratulations, you have successfully removed PeoplePC dialer & toolbar from your computer, by following our uninstall peoplepc dialer and toolbar uninstalling and removal guide.

In general we strongly recommend to use a anti spy software to remove peoplepc toolbar or other spywares and adwares as manually uninstalling and editing can seriously hurt your system.

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To know about other such spyware / adware / trojans and to find out how you can protect your system by safely uninstalling and removing them, please check out our other articles in the Getting Rid of Spyware and Adware article series. For easily protecting yourself against such threats and to easily get rid of them, please download our free spyware adware removal tool - Spy Sweeper.

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